Amenallah Hsoumi

I write code to solve real-world problems and build business applications as a Full-Stack developer. I enjoy being challenged and develop projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set. I’m interested in engineering, design, entrepreneurship, and startups. When driven by passion, making stuff is just fun.

Easy VueJS and Vuex Pagination

Pagination in web development is the process of separating the data we display into a number of pages. Since displaying a large amount of data on a single page is both inconvenient for the user and performance heavy. If you’re using VueJS and Vuex, you might be wondering, how to paginate data with VueJs and Vuex?

How to Replace an Item in a Javascript Array

Array operations are very common when coding in Javascript, and since the introduction of es6 and going forward, we have multiple ways of achieving the required results. So how do we replace an item in Array with Javascript?

We can use two approaches, the mutable, Array.splice() approach, or the immutable, Array.splice() with the spread operator approach. Choosing between the two approaches depends on the context and the environment you’re working in.

serve static assets with Nest.js

How to serve static files with NestJS

If you are developing a web app with Nest.js as the backend. And now, you want to deploy your whole app into a single server. Then you may run into a problem of serving static assets. Especially if your frontend is a SPA. Fear not, there are multiple ways to achieve this, so how to serve static assets with Nest.js?